Specialty Classes

WK Fitness & Wellness Centers offer a variety of specialty classes, including swim lessons, children’s programming, and fitness classes during and after pregnancy. The centers complement exercise classes with informative nutritional seminars. Not all are offered every month, so check the schedule for dates and times that work for you.

Swimming Lessons: Toddler

Water basics to get started swimming 

Who likes Swimming Lessons: Toddler classes? 

Water safety is VIP, and every child needs to learn how to swim. Toddlers ages 3 and 4 who are the children and grandchildren of WK Fitness & Wellness Center members have the option to take swimming lessons with us. Each child must be accompanied by an adult. 

What is the Swimming Lessons: Toddler class? 

Children and grandchildren of WK Fitness & Wellness Center members have the option to take swimming lessons at various times of the year. The toddler class is for kids 3 and 4 years of age. Instructors teach the children basic tools to help them become comfortable in the swimming pool. Children will focus on floating, kicking and putting their faces in the water. 

Toddlers should be dressed and ready to get in the pool upon arriving for the lessons.  

Bring floaties and a towel from home for your child.  

An adult swimmer is required to always be in the water with the toddler swimmer. 

Toddlers are not allowed to use the showers. Toddlers are not allowed in the whirlpool or steam room inside the locker room.  

Remember when your child learned to walk? You'll be proud to see your kid master movements in the water just as they did on land. Enjoy time at the pool with your child. Swimming is fun, not to mention great exercise, too! 

When and where does the Swimming Lessons: Toddler class meet? 

Swimming lessons are offered at the North and South fitness center locations. Only one location offers swimming lessons at a time. Check out the posted schedule to find the next date and location.  

Classes meet for two sessions. Each session is 45 minutes for four days of one week, Monday through Thursday. If members need more teaching or practice after the first session, they are welcome to register for a second session of four days. Each session requires the same fee. No reduced price if you take both sessions.  

Only five slots available for each class. You must pay the fee when you register for each session. 

Why do Swimming Lessons: Toddler? 

Swimming Lessons: Toddler is a beneficial class for you and your child. In addition to swimming, your child also learns the rules of water safety. Your child will be more comfortable around water and you’ll have less to worry about, as well. 

You want your child to stay active, and swimming is another fun way to do that. Swim a lot and it becomes second nature. 

Additional Information

A parent or grandparent must be a WK Fitness & Wellness Center member for the child to participate.