Membership - Membership Guidelines

Welcome! Membership has its privileges…and its responsibilities. These guidelines are presented to assure that each WK Fitness & Wellness Center is a place where members not only get a great workout but consider it a great place to visit too.

When You Arrive
Members must enter and exit the centers through the main entrance and scan in using their membership scan card, regardless of locker usage or frequency of usage. A member’s card is to be used only by the member to whom it was issues. It should not be used by other family members or friends to access the centers. All members and guests must be 18 years or older.

Each member is responsible for informing the center, in a timely manner, of a status change that would affect his/her membership so that an adjustment can be made promptly. This includes things like changes in membership information (name, address, contact information) or any changes in medical conditions or medications.

We hope that your membership will be of great value to you and that, if you are not completely satisfied, you will give us an opportunity to address your concerns. However, we know that there are often times when cancellation is required. We do ask for a 30-day notice to handle all requests. To cancel your membership, simply complete a cancellation form at the center before the first of the month. To assure that you are the one cancelling your membership, we need you to appear in person. We regret that we cannot accept telephone, fax, or cancellation requests by mail. If you decide to rejoin within six months, you will pay a reinstatement fee. After six months the member will be required to pay the membership fee again.

All guests must complete a guest information card/waiver and pay $10 per visit fee. While utilizing the center, all guests must abide by the rules and regulations of the Center. Guests may take advantage of this guest fee a maximum of three times. After three visits, guests who reside in Shreveport-Bossier City area will be required to become members of the Centers in order to gain access.

Equipment Use
Members using the weight room and cardiovascular areas must read and abide by the rules posted on signage. All equipment must be used according to established policies and procedures, as determined by the fitness staff. The center will not be responsible for any manufacturer’s defects in equipment.

Lifeguards are not provided in our pool areas. Anyone utilizing the pool area must read and abide by the rules posted on signage. During group water class one lane will be available for lap swimmers. Please be willing to share a lane during busy times.

Use of Facilities
Lockers are provided for your convenience. However, the Center will not be responsible for valuables placed in lockers.

Whirlpools and steam rooms are available for member use. Please abide by the rules and regulations posted on signage in these areas.

We offer complimentary towel service and ask you to limit your towel use to what is necessary for your workout routine. Please place dirty towels in bins provided.

Consumption of food or drinks should be restricted to certain designated areas at each center. They are not allowed in the locker rooms or in exercise areas.

Tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and firearms are not permitted anywhere in the center or entrance areas.

The Center will not be responsible for personal belongings that are lost or stolen while in the center, parking lots or grounds.

Members must wear proper workout attire. Men must wear a shirt while in the center. Proper footwear is also required. Only aerobic/court shoes are allowed in the group fitness studio. No cut-offs are permitted in the pool.

All members and guests must abide by the rules and policies as established in the Member Information Booklet and provided on signs throughout the facility. Any member or guest who, in the opinion of the fitness staff, violates any rule or policy, may be asked to leave the center. Proper etiquette, language and courtesy must be observed at all times and in all areas of the center to make this a comfortable and inviting environment for all.

Talking or texting on a cell phone while exercising and in the presence of fellow members is unsafe and a liability for the center. It is also extremely annoying and disruptive to many patrons. To protect the privacy of our members, the use of the camera mode on a cell phone or tablet is strictly prohibited anywhere in any center. Unauthorized photography will result in the immediate termination of membership. You are welcome to make cell phone calls in a private area, away from other members and staff, to assure you are not distracting other members or staff.