How to Join

Decided you want to join? Great! We’ll do our best to make it easy for you.

Stop by any WK Fitness and Wellness Center (North, South, Bossier or Pierremont) to get started. You’ll need to visit with a staff member to determine the category of membership that’s right for you and fill out the some paperwork so we can be sure there’s no reason you should not exercise. We’ll get some demographic information, medical history and your consent for membership. We’ll also ask you to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.

If you’re qualified to start immediately, we’ll request your one time membership fee and schedule you for a comprehensive fitness assessment and exercise prescription. You’ll have the option of bank draft or direct bill for your monthly dues.

The Details

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
Your safety and health are important to us. Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your knowledge. If you answer “yes” to any question or if your medical history indicates a medical condition or medication that may have a negative effect during exercise, we will need your doctor to clear you for exercise. This is a physician referral.

Physician Referral
If a physician referral is required, our fitness staff will fax a referral form to your physician for his/her approval. Once this form is returned to us, we will contact you to return to the Center to complete the membership joining process.

Paying Fees
Your membership has two fee components: (1) the one-time initial membership fee and (2) your monthly membership dues. The membership fee and prorated monthly dues are collected at the time you join.

Your initial joining fee depends on the method you choose for payment of your monthly membership:

  • Bank Draft Option. If you choose to have your monthly membership dues drafted from your bank account, the entry fee is only $50 for you and $50 for any additional family members who will be joining. If you choose this option, remember to bring a voided check from your bank when you come to sign up.
  • Direct Bill. If you want us to bill you each month, the fee is $95 for you and $75 for any additional family members on your account.

If you qualify for a special rate like corporate or student, you’ll need to provide proof of employment or a current student ID before we can process your membership.

Membership Agreement
While you don’t have to sign a contract, we do need something in writing, indicating that you are joining and that you understand the guidelines for payment and cancellation. You’ll sign this when you join.

Member Scan Card
You’ll receive a membership scan card to use each time you visit a WK Fitness & Wellness Center. Remember, you’ll have access to all four reciprocal membership centers with your membership!

Fitness Assessment
Once your membership is official, we’ll schedule your personal fitness assessment with an exercise specialist. Plan to spend about 45 minutes for this appointment. When all the data is collected, the exercise specialist will schedule another appointment to go over your results of the assessment and to guide you with a personalized exercise prescription. Your fitness future is on its way!