Specialty Classes

WK Fitness & Wellness Centers offer a variety of specialty classes, including swim lessons, children’s programming, and fitness classes during and after pregnancy. The centers complement exercise classes with informative nutritional seminars. Not all are offered every month, so check the schedule for dates and times that work for you.

Swimming Lessons: Adult

Learn to swim for fitness 

Who likes Swimming Lessons: Adult classes? 

It’s never too late to learn how to swim! This class is for WK Fitness & Wellness center members who have never learned how to swim. You’ll start with the basics and move up to mastering movements in water. 

What is the Swimming Lessons: Adult class? 

WK Fitness & Wellness Center members swim at many different levels and this class is for beginners. Our instructors meet you where you’re at and teach you at whatever level you wish to start. You will overcome your fear of getting in or just being in the swimming pool. You’ll see your confidence build as you learn and strengthen your new swimming skills at each lesson. You progress until you learn how to swim comfortably for fitness. Many adults are surprised when fear turns into fun as you complete the lessons and incorporate swimming into your fitness routine.  

If you already know how to swim and you want some pointers on how to improve your strokes, this class can help you do that. Our instructors are very knowledgeable in determining what level you are at and how to build your skills up to the level you want.  

Always remember, the swimming pools at North and South do not have “deep ends.” If you ever feel scared during a lesson, just stand up.  

You may wear goggles if you like. 

Enjoy your progress as you learn to master movements in the water.  Swimming is fun, and great exercise, too! 

When and where does the Swimming Lessons: Adult class meet? 

Swimming lessons are offered at the North and South fitness center locations. Only one location offers swimming lessons at a time. Check out the posted schedule to find the next date and location.  

Classes meet for two sessions, 45 minutes each day of the session you choose. Sessions may be either three or four days a week. The three-day sessions are Monday through Wednesday or Tuesday through Thursday. The four-day sessions are Monday through Thursday. If members need more teaching or practice after the first session, they are welcome to register for a second session of three or four days. Each session requires the same fee. No reduced price if you take both sessions.  

Only five slots available for each class. You must pay the fee when you register for each session. 

Why do Swimming Lessons: Adult? 

Swimming Lessons: Adult is a beneficial class for many reasons. You learn water safety and you’ll be comfortable around water with your friends and family. You’ll feel less fear and less worry, which reduces stress.  

If you want to be more active and you’re looking for new ways to work out, swimming is a fun option. Every swimmer in the water works muscles differently than on land, plus it’s easier on the joints for all ages. Swim a lot and it becomes second nature.