Membership FAQ

What kind of memberships do you offer?

We offer individual, family, senior citizen (age 60 and over), student (full-time at select colleges and universities) and corporate memberships.

Do I have to sign a contract commitment?

No, You only sign a membership agreement that indicates you will pay promptly any charges you accrue on your account and that you are aware of our policies regarding payment, nonattendance and cancellation.

Can I freeze my account?

We do not freeze members’ accounts. You must come in person to one of the centers and complete/sign a cancellation form. You must bring your account to a zero balance. If you return within six months from your cancellation date, you will be required to pay a $25 reinstatement fee plus the current month’s dues (prorated if after the first of the month). If you return after six months of your cancellation date, you are required to pay the membership fee plus that month’s dues, prorated.

What is included in a WK Fitness & Wellness membership?

Each new member receives:

  • Fitness assessment that includes a submaximal cardiovascular test, muscular strength and endurance testing, flexibility testing, and estimation of body composition.
  • Personalized exercise prescription by knowledgeable fitness staff who guide you through every aspect of your program.
  • Fasting blood analysis.
  • Numerous nutrition seminars by a registered dietitian offered throughout the year.

Do you offer special membership options for spouses or families?

We do offer family memberships. Additional members of a family pay a membership fee and a lower monthly payment than the primary account holder.

Can I attend any group fitness class for free?

Yes. There is no extra charge for attending classes. “FitCamp” classes do have a fee.

What ages can join?

All members and guests must be 18 years of age or older to join.

Can I try the fitness center before I join?

Yes. You may come as a guest and pay a $10 guest fee. You may come up to three times. After three guest visits, you must join to continue use of our center. If you decide to join on a day you are paying the guest fee (barring no complications in your application such as needing a physician’s referral), the $10 guest fee may be applied to your membership fee payment.

Do you have trainers?

Yes we do. Our fitness staff will write you a personalized exercise prescription based on your goals and the results of your fitness assessment. We offer personal training for an additional charge but our staff is always available to help you with your exercise program if you have questions or need changes.

If I am going to be gone for the summer, do I have to pay for those months since I will not be using the center?

You can cancel your membership for those months and upon your return you will pay a $25 reinstatement fee plus that current month’s dues (prorated if after the first). Otherwise, if you do not notify us of your absence, you are responsible for your monthly dues.