Member Spotlight: Laura and Herman Nash

Posted Mar 25, 2024
The fitness center feels like home to Laura and Herman Nash, who share a combined 43 years of membership in Bossier. Their journey began in 2000 when Herman had a heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery. A positive rehab experience with helpful fitness center staff who could develop, monitor and modify his exercise routine motivated him to join. Herman prioritizes exercise six days a week to maintain strong heart health.  

Herman’s wife, Laura, joined a few years later to overcome exercise barriers at home and have her own accountability. Water aerobics and Pilates classes have been part of her regular fitness routine. When Laura’s schedule changed due to a new job, trainers created a new program to suit her needs that she says is “Very good.” 

Here to create health, Willis Knighton Health proudly shares life with this couple after Herman’s lifesaving treatment nearly 25 years ago.