Help Your Well Span Equal Your Life Span with Exercise

Posted Dec 20, 2022

The holiday season is here.  Enjoy being around family, holiday festivities and some travel, but don’t forget to start off the New Year right at WK Fitness & Wellness Centers. 

We are privileged to have amazing healthcare that helps us live longer, and we want those to be quality years that are well lived with our loved ones. WK Fitness & Wellness Centers offer a wide range of exercise opportunities to accommodate your interests and fitness level to help assure your well span equals your life span.

To jazz up your cardiovascular health, try one of our many aerobic and water aerobics classes. Our fitness instructors accommodate all levels of fitness and adjust each class to meet your needs. If your interest is more along the lines of strength and cardio equipment, we have those, too.  You may want to request a personal fitness assessment from one of our degreed exercise specialists. The specialist will review your medical history and health and wellness goals and give you a few tests to gauge your current fitness level. This will be used to create a special workout program customized for you. 

If you’re not a member, try our services free for two days in a 10-day period. If you like our services, convenience and feeling better each day, we welcome you to become a regular member of our community. Come have fun moving at WK Fitness & Wellness Centers and help your well span better equal your life span.

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