Member Spotlight: Phillip Cockerell

Posted Oct 27, 2022

Phillip Cockerell has been a loyal member of WK Bossier Wellness Center for the past 15 years. Cockerell grew up playing competitive sports from his youth years through college. Now he works out at the fitness center daily. He was told by an orthopedic surgeon that he needed to start concentrating on areas of the body that can deteriorate and cause premature aging. He chose to go to WK Bossier Wellness Center because of the proximity to his home, but the trainers, staff and equipment are what make him stay. Cockerell, like many people, has experienced shoulder, back and knee pain. Having a professional exercise staff to work out a plan to alleviate the pain and build muscle has been very beneficial for Cockerell.

“They helped me with a plan of hip, hamstring and leg exercises to alleviate my sciatic nerve pain.” When he is not in the gym, Cockerell enjoys keeping up with sports, especially college sports: recruiting, games, players, etc. He also stays busy taking care of his two-acre yard and flower beds. Lastly, Cockerell truly enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren with family trips to the beach or a sporting event.