Why Not Start Moving More Today?

Posted Jun 23, 2022

Why do we tend to become more sedentary as we age? Common excuses for not moving are health problems, aches and pains, and work busy-ness. Are these excuses worth it? Physical activity is the No. 1  contributor to your health and longevity – it adds life to your years. Exercise can improve your energy levels, enhance your mobility, increase your endurance and reduce your risk of developing many chronic illnesses. 

Exercise benefits your mental health, as well. Exercise improves your quality of sleep and helps you feel more refreshed in the morning. Your mood and self-confidence are increased as endorphins are released during exercise, which helps to reduce feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety.  

If you need to start or need help to find an exercise routine that works for you, look to WK Fitness & Wellness Centers. Our degreed fitness instructors can partner with you and guide you on the right path to add life to your years.

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