Maintaining Mobility: Healthy Aging

Posted May 27, 2022

Staying active and fully mobile as you age is essential for mental and physical wellness. Physical activity helps you preserve muscle, which supports your bone and joint health. These factors become more important as you age. Many options exist for you to develop an enjoyable routine that you can perform daily for many years to come. This article covers techniques that can help you stay active and remain mobile at any age. 

  1. Stretch every day to remain mobile. Stretching directly affects your fascia health, and healthy fascia allows your muscles to glide against each other smoothly. Unhealthy fascia makes the muscles feel “stuck,” causing you to feel stiff and immobile. Ten minutes of stretching every day can make a world of difference in your daily routine. A good rule of thumb is to perform warmup and cool down stretches with each workout because stretching is vital for a healthy fascia and full muscle recovery so you can remain mobile. 

  1. Strengthen your core to improve balance. As you age, the risk for falling increases. Strengthening your core (abdominal area) muscles helps improve balance and coordination. Light hand weights, a balance ball, yoga and tai chi are strategies that can help you improve your core strength, balance and coordination so you will be at less risk of a fall.  

Degreed exercise specialists at Willis-Knighton Fitness & Wellness Centers can help each member develop a personalized routine to increase mobility, strength and balance. We also offer many group exercise classes from which to choose. Visit the front desk staff at your nearest location to schedule an appointment with a specialist or pick up a schedule of group classes.