Member Spotlight: Chad Carmack

Posted Sep 22, 2022

Chad Carmack has been a member at WK Health & Fitness Center for the past 12 years. Even though he wouldn’t consider himself a health nut, Carmack consistently works out in a gym. No matter the length of his workout, he always leaves the gym feeling good.  

Carmack’s doctor referred him to the WK Health & Fitness Center at North following a rehab stint after two discs in his neck were removed. He recalls one workout on a bench press when exercise specialist Currie Godfrey noticed the number of reps he was performing in a set and advised him to add five more reps to each set. Thanks to Godfrey’s advice, Carmack felt he could push himself a little further and he feels the reward today.  

Besides the gym, Carmack enjoys going to the movies, museums, art galleries and various restaurants in the area. He also loves spending time with his parents, sisters, niece and nephew.