March Madness Physical Fitness Test Winners

Posted Apr 11, 2022

Congratulations to finishers of the March Madness Physical Fitness Test 2022! Members completed a fun fitness circuit to meet the challenge. All participants earned a gold, silver or bronze finish based on their respective times compared to other finishers in their age group. 

Willis-Knighton Bossier

  • Joy Tyer
  • Dr. Gerard Henry
  • Monica Busenbarrick
  • Stephanie Jordan
  • Kristina Lyles
  • Debra Hoffman
  • Pam Schaefer
  • Rosemarie Goin
  • Beverly Taylor

Willis-Knighton South

  • Zeke Seighman
  • Purdetha Primus
  • Sara Dawson
  • Breanke Mitchell
  • Dr. Chhabra
  • Zalika Muslim
  • Willie Wynn
  • Stacy McDaniel
  • Maureen Faulkner
  • Beverly Sater
  • Donna Shope
  • Janet Landon

Willis-Knighton North

  • Michael Watts
  • Rena Arbuthnot
  • Georgia Blow
  • Valerie Young
  • Terri Harber
  • Wesley Rossum
  • Mary Nordberg
  • Mary Baker
  • Jen Carter
  • Steve Tabler
  • Shekeatia Brooks
  • Kim Hunter
  • Ralph Blake
  • Currie Godfrey
  • Meka Franklin
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