Benefits of the Nu-Step Machine

Posted Jan 26, 2022

When you visit any WK Fitness & Wellness Center you’ll see something that’s not available at every fitness center – Nu-Step machines.  These are extremely popular with our members.  The Nu-Step can help build bone strength, increase one’s range of motion, and improve flexibility, all great components for reducing stiffness and pain. It’s especially beneficial for those with arthritis and anyone who needs to improve functional fitness because it provides a low-impact workout, simulating a walking motion without stress on the joints. Moreover, the NuStep accommodates a wide range of users with a variety of exercise needs and physical limitations and offers a level of difficulty that ranges from 1 to 10, giving anyone a test at their fitness level. The NuStep’s design and easy accessibility make it easy for practically everyone to access. That is why the Nu-Step is widely used in physical therapy and medical-based facilities. Visit one of the WK Fitness & Wellness Centers and ask about Nu-Step or any of the other cardio equipment available so that one of our degreed exercise specialists can get you on the right equipment and guide you into a program that will optimize your health and fitness level.