Member Spotlight: Nancy Caperton

Posted Dec 1, 2021

Nancy Caperton has been a spark plug at WK Pierremont Wellness Center the last two years. You can always find her in a great mood and eager to talk to all her friends and staff during her workouts. In May 2019, Caperton underwent open-heart surgery. After completing cardiac rehab, she joined the wellness center immediately after. Caperton felt the combination of all her doctors being at the WK Pierremont Health Center location and the excellent care received during her time in cardiac rehab made it  a natural fit to join the wellness center. She enjoys everyone who works in cardiac rehab as well as the wellness center staff. “They are always giving me encouragement and are ready to assist with machines,” Caperton says. When she is not at the wellness center, Caperton enjoys reading and solving puzzles. Online shopping was among those passions during the early days of COVID and everything was shut down.