De-stress During the Holiday Season

Posted Nov 30, 2021

With everything that has been happening this year, don't let stress stress you out. Travel, cook grand meals and go caroling all the way into the New Year with a couple of de-stressing tips. Take two to three minutes several times throughout your day to complete deep breathing exercises. It helps when you feel overwhelmed and will help relax and clear your mind to continue with holiday festivities. 

Stretch! Not only is stretching a good way to improve range of motion within joints and muscles and increase flexibility, it helps reduce stress as well. Take a minimum of 15 minutes each day to stretch the body. To maximize stress reduction, toss on relaxing music and begin deep breathing or a stretching routine. Also, it’s important to get plenty of rest as well to help reduce unneeded tension. And, don't fill up too much on the holiday nog this season…stay hydrated with water!