How to Prevent or Manage Your Bone and Joint Health

Posted Sep 27, 2021

Bone and Joint Action Week is held annually October 12-20 to raise awareness about prevention, disease management, and treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis, and back pain. WK Fitness & Wellness Centers are dedicated to facilitating safe and appropriate exercises to prevent and manage bone and joint health disorders. Following a well-designed exercise program can help you achieve and maintain a healthy body composition, strengthen bone density, and increase circulation to joints.

If you are one of the more than 54 million Americans with osteoporosis or low bone density, weight bearing exercises such as walking or jogging on one of our treadmills or participating in one of our aerobic classes four to five days a week can increase bone density. Those with arthritis might consider riding one of our stationary bikes or participating in a water aerobics class or chair yoga. Walking, biking, and swimming are generally safe exercises for individuals who experience back pain and can be paired with resistance and flexibility training to maximize health while minimizing flare-ups.

Consider scheduling a consultation with one of our fitness specialists to create a custom workout program to prevent or manage your bone and joint health.