Variety is the Spice of Life

Posted Sep 1, 2020

Are you looking for new motivation to participate in group fitness? Group activity may not be a new concept but there are so many new varieties of classes being introduced.

Group fitness is in the spotlight these days and it's having a significant impact on our health.

We tend to become bored with something we don't enjoy. So it's very important to find that class that is fun, exciting and makes us want to come back. Whether we have never taken a class or taken group fitness for years, now is the time to find exactly what suits our style, personality, and challenge level. Plus, if you're looking to meet friends with the same interests to encourage you, group fitness is for you!

For example, if you're the athletic, push harder, keep-the-body- guessing type, bootcamp may be for you. If you're the more laid back, slow muscle manipulation, relaxing type of person, yoga may be just what you're looking for. If you are into dancing but need a low impact, more resistance- type of challenge, aqua water dance will allow you to boogie down in the pool! These classes are just a small sample of what WK Fitness and Wellness centers offer. Each instructor is equipped to take you through the moves safely, working at your own pace and challenged to the fullest. And you're guaranteed to have a lot of fun in the meantime!

Once you find the class or classes that you find challenging and exciting, you're much more likely to return. I encourage you to try many classes, even those you may think you wouldn't enjoy. It may just surprise you. Enjoy the adventure of exploring your options.

For a full schedule of all classes offered, log onto WK Fitness and Wellness Centers and cruise the interactive schedule. Then lace up those workout shoes, grab your water bottle and begin the journey to better health and well- being!