Eating Seasonally & Its Many Benefits

Posted Mar 1, 2020

Walk into the produce section of any grocery store and you will likely find whatever fruit or vegetable you desire, regardless of the season. While it is convenient to satisfy your craving for watermelon in January, is it the best strategy for overall health? Studies are validating what mother nature has shown us for years. Eating according to the season provides our bodies, and more specifically, our microbiomes with certain nutrients needed during the particular season. With each season shift, the diversity of the soil changes, the chemistry of the plants change, and the microbes that attach themselves to the roots, stems and leaves shift. When we eat these plants in season, we consume the nutrients in the plant as well as the healthy bacteria attached to the plant. These microbes make up a community within us which makes up 90% of the cells in our human bodies. However, the best consequence of eating seasonally is that you get the best tasting, healthiest food available, you support local farmers and get a wider variety of food in your diet. It's a win-win scenario for all! So, get excited about the changing of the weather. Each season offers an array of beautiful fresh produce, this is a great time to start experimenting and trying new recipes or reworking those old ones to incorporate more seasonal fruits and vegetables. Not only will your palate be impressed but there are health benefits too. Below is a link to help you get started with incorporating foods for this spring season.