Posted Nov 1, 2019

It hasn't been that long ago that smokers thought e-cigarettes and vaping might be a healthier swap for smoking. As it turns out, it was swapping one negative for another. The latest news about vaping is increasingly alarming. If you or a loved one have been using these products, please be informed!

It's disturbing to think that components of the liquid may contain products that are just as harmful as nicotine or even more so. Vaping is not safe. Nothing should be inhaled into your lungs except air.

And just in case you didn't know it, vaping is NOT approved by the FDA as a quit aid for those trying to stop smoking tobacco.

In light of all of this, it's a good time to remember that Thursday, Nov. 21, is the Great American Smokeout Day throughout the nation. This special day is set aside to encourage people to go one day without smoking or vaping. Going one day could increase someone's confidence that they can quit for good. Share the message and help someone quit!

One suggestion is to invite a smoker or vaper to exercise. Exercise is acknowledged as one of the best replacements for smoking. It targets some of the same brain pathways and receptors that smoking affects, giving us that "feel good" feeling.

WK Fitness & Wellness Centers include Tobacco Treatment services that have provided counseling and help to thousands in this area who wanted to decrease and stop tobacco and vaping use. If you know someone who smokes or who is now tied to vaping, tell them about our Tobacco Treatment Clinic. This clinic has a partnership rate with the wellness centers throughout a person's participation in sessions with one of our tobacco treatment specialists. Our services can help a tobacco or vaping user find confidence, strength, and a voice that will affirm: "I am stronger than my addiction."

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