Time to Start your Fitness Journey

Posted Dec 31, 2021

With New Year’s resolutions, getting into the gym or getting back to the gym is a very common topic of conversation when people start discussing goals to start the year off right. Make your goals reality by joining any of the WK Fitness & Wellness Centers today.

You can maintain your motivation through the course of the year with a few different strategies. Creating end-of-the-month goals is one way to maintain motivation and keep coming back to the gym. Another way is to schedule a competition such as a 5k within the first 90 days of joining a gym. That will keep you on track and give your workouts more meaning. Lastly, have a trusted accountability partner. Sometimes we all need that extra push from a friend, family member, or personal trainer. Personal trainers are a great source of motivation when you may not feel 100 percent. Most people also feel it is harder to stay home and miss a workout when they have an appointment with a personal trainer.

At WK Fitness & Wellness Centers, certified exercise specialists are here to help you reach all of your fitness goals. Any member who joins the fitness center will receive a free fitness assessment and two one-on-one sessions. Personal training is also available upon request at an additional cost. We are waiving the entry fee for the month of January, so there is no better time than now to come into one of our centers and start your fitness journey today!

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