Meet Meka Franklin

Posted Dec 18, 2021

Jameka, who goes by “Meka,” graduated from Grambling State University with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). She is certified in personal training, group fitness instruction, exercise therapy and nutrition. While in college, Meka competed in marathons and 5Ks. In 2022, she retired from her professional career in CrossFit where she was globally ranked. Although retired from endurance sports, Meka remains very active. She has trained nine breeds of horses during the last 15 years outside of her work in physical fitness. More than just exercise, Meka makes physical activity and fitness a part of her lifestyle. Meka’s main focus with exercise is safely improving cardiovascular health and getting rid of an “I can’t” attitude. She believes exercise should be fun. While everyone has different needs, they also have the same goal – to be better. Exercise is not one size fits all, she believes. “Everything is mental,” she says, pointing out one’s body will not go where their mind will not allow it. She loves health and fitness because "I have a Cinderella story to tell. I’m sure everyone else does, too. I was once almost wheelchair-bound and told I wouldn’t walk again. Now I walk, run and jump. Everything is possible with faith and effort.”